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28-31 Jan

Ayurvedic cooking course

Culemborg, Holland

1-4 Feb

Ayurvedic cooking course

Zutphen, Holland

4-7 Feb

Ayurvedic cooking course

Lisboa, Portugal

18-21 Feb

Ayurvedic cooking course

Den Bosch, Holland

25-28 Feb

Ayurvedic cooking course

Rijswijk, Holland

21-24 Apr

Ayurvedic cooking course


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The wonderful world

of happy cooking


Basically, eating with a different awareness will enhance the joy and success we experience in life. It’s adopting a different approach towards the products we buy, cook and eat. Choosing the food that will make us feel light, great and energetic.


Our method is based on the vedic knowledge of Ayurveda, which has its roots in ancient India. This knowledge describes the relation between us as human beings and the environment we dwell in and how to create a balanced lifestyle. Ancient or not, it has proven to be very accurate and is even more adequate in this modern demanding era where busy schedules, deadlines and fast food seem to cause us to loose touch with nature.


Our goal is to create more awareness towards the food that we eat and the way it affects our state of mind and general health. This is our way to contribute to a healthier and happier society.


Connecting to nature, in a healthy and tasty way!




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