Cooking class





Nutrition, balance & ayurveda.

Monthly sessions with refreshing inspiration and recipes.


2,5 hrs


  • Ayurveda kitchen basics
  • 5 recipes for balanced living
  • Full meal and drinks included
  • Tips and tricks from the chef















from €45 per lesson



Weekend Workshop





Taste and experience the ins and outs of the ayurvedic lifestyle, healthy and tasty cooking.


2 x 3,5 hrs


  • Tridogunas and tridoshas
  • The effect of food on your

state of mind

  • Food which contributes to a higher energy and makes you happy
  • What type are you
  • Food according to your personal bio-type
  • Preparation of meal, drink, snack and dessert







from €150 per weekend

3-day Ayurvedic Cooking Seminar


Deepening experiences and

practical knowledge with evident progress and changes.

3 x 4,5 hrs


Includes all workshop content plus:

  • Personal intake and dietary plan
  • Balanced lifestyle and daily routine according to ayurveda
  • Six flavors to balance your meal
  • Recognizing imbalances
  • Spices to balance your dosha
  • Natural home remedies
  • Food according to your personal bio-type
  • 7 - 8 recipes per session
  • Preparation of meals, drinks, snacks, soup, sauces, desserts


€300 all inclusive