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Cooking class nutrition, balance & ayurveda
Weekendworkshop (I + II)
3-day Ayurvedic cooking course

Benefits experienced by participants:


  • A balanced way of shopping, cooking and eating which creates a calmer state of mind with a higher level of energy. It allows you to relax and connect to your true self easier, improving the quality of your life with a smile from within :)


  • My experiences from this course are, that we ate very delicious and also very healthy food. Another experience is to cook with much fun and with other people together, and that it doesn´t have to be heavy to cook healthy and delicious meals. To use all the different spices was very new for me but it's so much fun to see what spice has which effect. Also I learned to think about what I´m eating and what is happy, hyper or heavy.


  • New experiences also, like the meditation and the exercises with the breathing, I liked it. All in all I have had so much new experiences wich can help me to live healthier.


  • It´s amazing how wonderful different happy foods can be. Such nice colours, nice smells, nice tastes, such happy people during cooking and eating! Wonderful to go in different countries with ayurveda and to have all different experiences.


  • The cooking course showed that great food needn´t be difficult to prepare. Now after just 3 days I feel more concentrated and lighter, happier than before.


3-day Ayurvedic Cooking Course


April 20-22

Workshop voeding, balans & ayurveda

Den Haag

May 7

Workshop voeding, balans & ayurveda

Den Haag

June 4

Workshop voeding, balans & ayurveda

Den Haag

July 2

3-day Ayurvedic Cooking Course


July 13-15

Workshop voeding, balans & ayurveda

Den Haag

Sept 3

Workshop voeding, balans & ayurveda

Den Haag

Okt 1

Workshop voeding, balans & ayurveda

Den Haag

Nov 5

Workshop voeding, balans & ayurveda

Den Haag

Dec 3







Cooking class

nutrition, balance & ayurveda


Monthly sessions with refreshing inspiration and recipes.


  • Ayurveda kitchen basics
  • 5 different recipes for balanced living
  • Tips and tricks from the chef




Weekend Workshop


Taste and experience the ins and outs of the ayurvedic lifestyle, healthy and tasty cooking.


Level I


  • The effect of food choices on your state of mind
  • Types of food which contribute to a higher energy

and make you happy

  • Balanced lifestyle according to ayurveda
  • Preperation of meal and desert


Level II

The five elements/tridoshas


  • What type are you
  • Type of food according to bio-type
  • Spices to balance the meal
  • Breakfast, main course, desert




3-day Ayurvedic Cooking Seminar

During three days (13 hrs) you will be inspired to apply the practicle tips and start to enjoy the happy ways of ayurveda right from the start. It's healthy and tasty too, for improved balance and higher energy.


  • Six ways to increase high energy (Prana)
  • Balancing your meal through the six flavours
  • Personal eating habits and balanced lifestyle
  • Five elements in relation to our natural being
  • Choosing food according to your personal bio-type
  • Recognizing imbalances 
  • How to prevent imbalances
  • Natural home remedies
  • Snacks, lunch, dinner, dessert


The insights acquired during the course allow you to experience immidiate progress and changes of the quality of your life. More balance, more fun.