Ayurveda and food


These days we can easily be overwhelmed by the wide range of cookery programms offered on the tv and the many varieties of cookbooks available on the internet and in the stores. They represent a wide array of different eating habits and concepts of nutrition. Some are rooted in traditional approaches and others very modern or resulting from short-lived fads. 

The time-tested tradition of Ayurveda dates back more than 5000 years and offers keen insights in how to create harmony between body, mind, soul and the environment we live in. It helps to create an uplifted state of being in a natural way, which is still easily applicable in modern western life today.

Many different schools of healing therapy popular today have their roots firmly planted in Ayurvedic philosophy, such as massage, physiotherapy, nutritional systems, herbal remedies, plastic surgery, psychiatry, kinesiology, shiatsu, mantra, meditation, color and gem therapy.

The holistic approach of the happy ways of Ayurveda teaches that food and diet can make a vital contribution to a more balanced, healthier and happier lifestyle. It provides insights in how to prepare food which suits and balances the personal constitution of each individual and how the three moods (happy, hyper and heavy) are connected to our daily intake of food. 

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