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Het was een intense ervaring met veel nieuwe inzichten. Koken én eten heeft een andere dimensie gekregen en zal voortaan een nog mooiere belevenis zijn. Met meer aandacht, dankbaarheid en liefde. Veel dank voor deze inspirerende en leerzame cursus.

Véronique – Heemstede, NL

Ayurvedic cooking course with Wayne was a fantastic experience. I have learned to appreciate the food better. Throughout the four days my body feels lighter. Combination of meditation on a daily base and ayurvedic cooking can and will change my life. The change started on the first day of the course. I am happy. Thank you so much! One day I will be a chef too!

Ieve - Dublin, Ireland

Ik heb me opgegeven voor de cursus omdat ik graag inspiratie wilde opdoen voor vegetarisch koken. Ik had me niet gerealiseerd dat‘ayurvedisch’een levensfilosofie is en niet specifiek een keuken. Maar deze filosofische insteek heeft de cursus voor mij wel veel waardevoller en inspirerender gemaakt. Het is wel een grote ommezwaai om mijn dagelijkse manier van koken en eten, maar wel iets waar ik graag mee aan de slag wil gaan. Veel dank ervoor!

Willemijn – Heemstede, NL

Thank you for your knowledge and sharing beautiful stories, making the lessons more understanding and fun. The various dishes were absolutely delicious and I will start this week trying them all out. You have given me a more relaxed approach to Ayurvedic cooking as I find that I can get too serious trying to go by the rules all the time. Thank you for blessing my home and family and surroundings. And thank you Annewikke for all your help and support <3

Avau Neveli – Heemstede, NL

Happy! Goed eten, goede opbouw, plezierige leider(s). Ik neem mee inspiratie om door te gaan. En wat ik echt verdiepend vond zijn de gerechten met verschillende invloeden (Italiaans, Midden-oosten, Indonesich en Indiaas). Ayurveda is universeel! Dank voor deze inspirerende, happy feeling food days!

Frida – Heemstede, NL

I’ve never been interested in cooking and took this course for health reasons. Now I am really looking forward to using what I have learnt, as I have so enjoyed the food!! Wayne asked me on the first day if I liked cooking and I answered honestly ‘No’. But after these four days I think I’m going to enjoy spending time in the kitchen. 

Jackie Talbott – Heemstede, NL

This course made me aware of the connection between the way of preparing food and the feeling of people. We can influence our mood, we can heal ourselves. For me this is the beginning of a new journey to a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Expectations were related to understanding a new but then again an age old science for health and well-being. Also the use of Indian spices especialy for improved digestion and flavor were of interest, aswell as the various cooking methods. In terms of holistic approach the course did meet my expectations. Meditation, the natural rhythms of the day and attitude towards food and well-being were revealing. The course was relaxing, surprisingly so. Story telling was a great tool to carry over higher concepts. The food was excellent in many regards, very tasty and diverse. Wayne’s attitude towards life is much to be appreciated. Great personallity! Fantastic presence. Thanks, to eternity.

Teemu - Helsinki, Finland

I came to this course to learn how to cook and eat healthy. For me this course is awesome. It made me feel so relaxed and happy. I have started to have breakfast now and decided to stop coffee, cigarettes and maybe even meat! I had so much fun and I have gained such interesting knowledge. Thank you :)

Violeta - Sofia, Bulgaria

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