Kampi Eira article Finland


Article in ”Kamppi-Eira” paper Helsinki, Finland

  Cafe Latte, wheat pain de campagne, a few thick slices of mature cheese, bacon and eggs. What a breakfast!

And soon after to become acquainted with ayurvedic cooking secrets. But just three blocks away I get anxious and it feels like I have stones in my stomach and soon I´m to eat a full meal of ayurvedic food together with cooking class participants. Grrrhhhh….

In the kitchen there are thirteen happy cooks meditating in preperation for a pleasent time together and do some cooking  with love. Then starts a happy task with vegetables, roots, beans and spices.

Wayne Featherstone, the teacher of  this ancient Indian lifestyle and wellness program is in Finland already for the fifth time, and he lives the way he teaches. Instructions are given in a friendly way and with a lot of smiling. Therefore I dare to ask him what to do with the bloating of the stomach. When he heard what I had for breakfast he crushed a piece of ginger, added fresh lime juice and a tiny pinch of salt. The medicine warms up the throat and opens up the mind and I become so vibrant. What a trick!

The produce of Mother Nature which have been beautifully cut are moved to a nice heat at the stowe, where they cook bathing in ghee, and spices.

Feeling good when buying groceries is a good thing. Auyrveda is based on seasonal fresh organicly grown vegetables and roots, the delicious colours and beautiful shapes tell a tale of their hidden strength. Canned and frozen food never give you such  taste sensations, don´t  go for the ready-mades.

Your choices are influenced by your personality, life situation and above all what you feel up to right now in this moment. Your inner self is wise, allow it freedom , because different food items have problem solving qualities. With the right choices you can truly affect the quality of your life, how you feel. The happiness of a human being is not dependant on superficial input.  Standard of living and life are being measured by different meters. Instead of a thick wallet, all you need for happiness is a ladle full of scented soup. With the right diet and lifestyle you maintain high energy which can turn your mood and you can attain a feeling of happiness. Now I realize that my breakfast was not a good choice for me.

Treat the ingredients gently. Avoid high temperature, especially the micro-wave. The most delicious colours and shapes maintain best at 100 degrees in a steam bath. Set the table beautifully, pay attention to detail and colour. They give you a pleasant mind. The visuals are an essential part of a meal.

Written by Marja Hauta-Aho.