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Preparation of food and our attitude towards our nutrition is an underestimated factor of happiness. Old habits are hard to break, but new ones are easier to pick up. The more we put our attention on positive change, the more this will manifest in our life.

Addressing our food in a different way will create an uplifted state of mind. The principles mentioned in this book are meant to help you gain a balanced physical health, a happy state of mind and allow you to enjoy and repose in your true self. A practical guide how to raise your life-force energy in a fun and tasty way.

I wish for you that the inspiration and guidance gained from going through this book will nourish your interest in, and allow you to benefit from, the happy Ayurvedic ways.

Dr. Lokesh Raturi                                                     

Ayurvedic and Western medicine, expert on Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis

Happiness just a meal away?      

Get reading and find out!


Do you ever wonder why sometimes you sink down on your sofa and can’t seem to get up? Or why at other times you have a million thoughts in your head and are impatient with everything?

Maybe you feel too restless at times or you feel stuck in an overdose of laziness. The good news is: you can actively influence how you feel.

Different foods promote different moods. And to put it simply, we can eat ourselves happy, hyper or heavy.

Cook book

More than just a cook book. 108 pages with fun, quick and easy digestible recipes, tips and pointers.


  • Six ways to keep your energy up

  • Three moods

  • How do you want to feel?

  • Checklist for when your energy is low

  • Delicious colourful and light recipes for a happy result



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