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How to be more in tune with nature and connect to your own nature. This is the art of living, the art of ayurveda. Ayurvedic cooking is all about balance. We human beings are part of nature, although we seem to forget this sometimes.

Different types of food affect your mood and your state of mind differently. Coffee, for example, might taste good and gives you a temporary boost, but doesn't help to have a more settled mind. A big meal  with cream and cheese can be delicious but will result in sleepy heavy feeling. Imagine having a lunch like that at work. It will reduce productivity for sure :)

Which food makes you happy?

High energy foods. Sprouts have a lot of life energy. Fresh vegetables and fruits. Nuts, seeds, grains, legumes, fresh dairy products. Colorful food which is cooked with caring attention, easy to digest, makes us feel light and energetic.

Some foods are easy to digest and others are a strain on the digestive system. Hard to digest: (yellow) cheese, eggs, meat, big rich dishes. And certain food combinations also can result in feeling heavy and having low energy. Think of your average Chrismas dinner for instance.

For better concentration, clear mind and more enthusiasm in your daily life, you choose the lighter options. Fruits, seeds, salads, quinoa, cous cous for example.

Proper digestion is at the base of proper health and happiness. When the stomach is not clear, then the mind is not clear.

Food combinations are important. We teach about this in the

ayurvedic cooking course.

The international art of living foundation has launched many programs, the art of breathing, prison smart, art of meditating and the art of ayurvedic cooking for instance, which contribute to a stress free and violence free society, better health and more happiness.

The food which you eat can definitely affect your state of being. You know this by experience. Certain foods agree with you and others you avoid because you do not like the effect or it is simply not digestable.

Are you in control of your mood?

Is happiness simply a matter of awareness towards the food you choose to eat? Well, by choosing your food smartly and having a lifestyle which is more balanced, in tune with nature, you can most certainly determin wether you feel happy, hyper or heavy. It's your choice.

I invite you to learn more about balanced lifestyle and energizing food habits in the art of ayurvedic cooking course and experience it for your self.

Wayne Featherstone

Happy Chef :)

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