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Wayne Featherstone 

Happy chef 

The different styles and flavors of cooking are the vibrant result of my heritage. I was born in London, raised in Holland with one parent from Guyana and the other from the Caribbean island of Trinidad. Connecting to my Caribbean, Indian and Dutch roots, with a keen interest for the diversity of our planet's beautiful cultures and their dishes, I have discovered many secrets.

After completing my training in traditional Western cooking and having worked as a professional chef in Holland and France, I have developped and deepened my interest for ayurvedic cooking. The interesting part is how we can actually influence our state of mind and mood by the food we choose to eat.

Since 2006 I have been conducting cooking courses, workshops, trainings and lectures around Europe, Dubai and the Caribbean. Here my passion for good food, happy and healthy living, teaching and sharing uplifting knowledge with others, has found its expression.


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